Decorating Your Garden This Summer

Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments can guide how you shape and use your outdoor space, and affect how it feels when you're in it. A wrought-iron gate can mark the entrance to an earthy space, a tree-hung lantern raise your perspective off the ground, a curved bench inspire a nap. When carefully placed, these elements offer subtle but effective clues: Turn here. Look up. Slow down. They also give a garden space a finished look late fall through early spring, when garden spaces look much more empty. The trick is to not clutter your garden with junk. Try a vintage light like our Casey Jones Chandelier

Creating Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor spaces feel more cozy and comfortable when they're surrounded by elements that define the space. Strategically place a bench between large flowering bushes for a cute reading corner. Be careful not to overdo it though, perfectly sculpted gardens look far less natural and also less cozy. 

Connect Your Garden To Your Home


Whatever the style of your home, try to carry it out in to the landscape. If you love the look of your post-and-beam timber-frame home, you'll be sure to love a timber-frame terrace on your patio. No patio? Place a Douglas-fir arbor at the entry point of your garden. It will tie the comfortable garden space to the solid lines of your wooden home. This idea can hold true for other styles of homes also.