Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time again, after the chilly winter season our homes are in need of a deep cleaning to remove excess clutter and create a fresher environment. It can be easy to forget about dusting or staying organized during the holidays, which makes the spring season the perfect time to brighten up the home. To transform your interior setting once you begin cleaning, there are a few important tips to follow to perform a thorough job.

Remove Build Up on Cabinets

Many people often neglect their cabinets when it comes to cleaning and don't view it as a place that needs attention. Build up can begin to occur over time due to grease that settles from cooking, which can cause dust to stick. Wipe down the cabinets, knobs or pulls, and your exhaust hood with a cabinet cream to cut through the grime while also moisturizing the surface of the wood. This will improve the appearance of the cabinets and also increase their lifespan.

Wipe Down the Windows on a Cloudy Day

Windows rarely stay clean during the winter season due to snow and rain that have contact with the glass. The inside of the glass can also become dirty due to smudges and streaks, which are more visible in the spring when the sunlight comes through the windows. Wash the windows on a cloudy day, which will prevent the liquid solution from drying as quickly. Try using an all-natural window cleaner to reduce the use of harsh chemicals in the home. Many work just as well as traditional cleaners.

Clean the Refrigerator with a Sponge

It can be easy to forget about cleaning the refrigerator, but the appliance is frequently used throughout the day and often accumulates crumbs or spills. There may even be plenty of food that is spoiled and needs to be tossed out in the back of the fridge. Wipe the inside down with a soapy solution and pull out all of the shelves or drawers to clean them easier. The outside of the refrigerator will also be cleaned with a stainless steel product and a used towel.

Scrub the Oven with Ammonia

The oven is one of the most used appliances in the home during the winter season with casseroles and baked goods that are made more frequently. There are likely a few spills at the bottom of the oven, which can begin to burn when the oven is turned on. Ammonia is an effective product to use to remove burnt-on food that is difficult to remove. You can also clean the inside of the appliance with a baking soda and white vinegar mixture to remove excess grime and freshen it up without relying on harsh chemicals.

Clean the Blades on Ceiling Fans

A hidden place where dust can settle is on the blades of overhead ceiling fans, which can then circulate in the home when the product is used in the spring season. Cover each blade with a coat of furniture polish and use a sock to wipe them down. You can also place a sheet underneath the fan on the floor to catch any dust that will fall off during the process.

Vacuum the Couch with an Upholstery Brush

Dust can settle on the couch after a long winter but can be vacuumed during your spring cleaning. Attach an upholstery brush to the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, which will clean delicate fabrics. You can also remove all of the couch cushions and clean crumbs or debris that have fallen underneath.