How to Create a Welcoming Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Patio

Outdoor living spaces are a great way to enjoy nature and the scenery while still remaining comfortable and relaxed. They're great for entertaining, and can be used for a huge variety of pastimes, from eating to gaming to keeping an eye on the kids. Here are some tips to help you create an awesome outdoor area that you'll enjoy for years to come.

Consider How The Area Will Be Used

The way you're planning to use your outdoor space will play a huge role in what furniture you'll need to buy. Will your patio be used for grilling and outdoor dinners? If so, then a table and chairs will be your primary purchase. Or will you be using your outdoor space for relaxation and conversation? In this case, choosing comfy seating and a few small tables for books or coffee cups will be your main focus. You'll also want to determine how many guests you'll need to accommodate at any one time, and purchase enough furniture to ensure that no one will feel compelled to stand or remain inside. 

Blend the Design with Your Home's Existing Elements

While patio furniture comes in a huge array of colors and themes, it's wise to choose a scheme which blends well with your existing exterior decor, as well as your interior design theme. Even if your patio isn't in sight from your street, choosing a completely different theme can result in an area that clashes with the rest of your property and looks cheap or poorly thought-out. If you've got a woodsy, New Hampshire design for your home, then neon shades probably aren't the wisest choice.

Choose High-Quality, Comfortable Furniture

Purchasing quality furniture is important, since shoddy craftsmanship will quickly make itself known. You'll want your furniture to withstand the elements and last for a long time, while also remaining comfortable and inviting. Investigate pieces to make sure that they aren't poorly made, and to ensure that they do feel nice to sit in. Sometimes looks can be deceiving, and you'll find that lovely-looking chairs are, in fact, surprisingly unpleasant to actually sit in for any length of time. 

Go Beyond Tables and Chairs

Once you've chosen your primary pieces of furniture, it's time to consider the other elements which will add extra comfort and functionality to your outdoor space. Throw pillows, a crucial addition to good interior design, also play a huge role in good outdoor decor. Use a variety of sizes, colors, and textures to add variety and cohesion to your design. An outdoor area rug can help pull the space together while also providing a soft feeling underfoot and a nice place for small children to play. Other great elements to consider include a grill, fire pit, potted plants, a fountain, and even a spa if you want one.

Consider Lighting, Shade, and Other Elements of Comfort

If your patio or deck doesn't already have a permament roof or awning, then it's important to consider how you'll keep yourself shielded from the sun. Will your space be located under a shady tree, or will you choose furniture with umbrellas? Other elements to think about include bug protection and lighting. If you're likely to enjoy your space after dusk, you may want to consider adding lights of some sort. Bugs can also be a nuisance in some areas, especially if you're near a lake. Adding bug deterrents can make your space much more inviting for your guests and yourself.

Protect Your Furniture During Off-Season Months

When it's too cold to enjoy your outdoor living space, you'll want to take steps to protect your investment and keep it safe from the ice and snow. Move what you can into a garage or shed to keep it sheltered from the elements. If large pieces of furniture don't fit inside, then purchase furniture covers to keep them protected.