Summer Interior Design

New Hampshire Lake House

While the exterior of your house might be appealing, the interior design might need some updating. Change the look of your home by using a few summer interior design tips. These inspirational ideas will make your home attractive and comfortable for everyone.


Summer is a great time to paint your home. Consider colors that act as a backdrop of your view. You can go for colors such as olive, lilac or burgundy to create a warm atmosphere. Neutral pastels such as ivory or green shades are also ideal. If you go for a dark colors like black and dark chocolate, avoid painting entire walls with the colors. Give your house a flash of color by doing one or two walls in a dark color and the rest in light colors.


Simple and fun pieces of furniture are the best for summer. Furniture with calm elements make the house look inviting. Throw pillows are comfortable pieces that you can play around with. Consider adding throw pillows with light colors and materials. Be creative by adding pieces of art, especially handmade colorful pieces. Add a few throw rugs and centerpieces that improve the look of the house. Do not overcrowd a room by adding too much furniture. Let the room be spacious and airy.


An easy to maintain and clean flooring is what you need for the summer. During summer there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to do. Either way, you need to install flooring that is comfortable. Wooden, tiled, vinyl or laminated flooring works well. Add Berber carpeting to the bedrooms to add an element of charm and relaxation.


Complement the interior design of your house with beautiful light fixtures. Vintage fixtures or lamps can light up your space beautifully. Table and floor lamps in the living area or bedroom make the home captivating and relaxing. Consider having large windows or expanding windows to bring in more light during summer.


Renovate toilet and washrooms with glazed or porcelain tiles. Use slipcovers for the living room furniture and bedspreads for the bedrooms. Wooden cabinets in the kitchen add a unique look. Paint them in warm colors for the summer. Consider marble counters and keep vintage appliances that still work. Decorate the rooms with photos, sculptures, and paintings.

Extra Room

You can enclose your porch and turn it into a day room where you can sit, read a book, or paint. Some New Hampshire residents decorate their patios with a woven hammock or add throw pillows to their patio furniture. Others add porch chairs and folding tables to their patio or lawns. The patio can be anything you want, a playroom for your little ones or a place for relaxation and yoga.

Ideas for your Exterior Space

Use the natural environment outside your home as an identity that incorporates the scenery. Summer is a beautiful time of the year, and your home needs to stand out both inside and outside. Outdoor furniture with fresh and earth tones are best suited for the outdoors. Bring the outdoors inside by having clear glass doors that you can leave open.

Other people prefer camouflaging their homes to make it private. To achieve this, you need to make sure the color of your home matches the outdoors. Colors that compliment the sky and environment bring your home to life. Covering the exterior of your home with weathered wood will give it a summer camp feel because it will match with the season and surroundings.

Painting the exterior of your house with soft colors like pale blues and soft greens will make it match with your garden. Create a playful feel by painting your exterior walls with colors that evoke the feeling of summer. As much as you are decorating your home for the summer, choose colors and designs that will still look good after the season.